Charting a course to reach our purpose.


Our mission statement guides our interactions with partners, ensuring we always bring integrity, commitment, and dedication to every partnership.



Our mission is built on 4 strong beliefs:


  • At AXA Global Business Services, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships. We approach every mission with a collaborative mindset, leveraging our expertise to fulfil it in the most effective and efficient way possible. We are responsive, dependable, and readily available to support entities whenever they require our assistance. Our unmatched proficiency in business services and technology is instrumental in helping AXA entities with their core insurance operations, digitization, and support functions. Over the years, our extensive experience has honed our instincts, ensuring that our proposals are well-seasoned, scalable, and have a lasting impact.


  • We have a unique and unmatched expertise in the fields of business services and technology. Collaboratively, we leverage this expertise to efficiently support AXA entities in their core insurance operations, support functions, and digitization processes. Our team's extensive experience is a crucial cornerstone of our work and allows us to deliver solutions that are well-informed, scalable, and impactful. We take great pride in the quality of our work, which is crafted with our partners' long-term gains in mind.


  • At AXA Global Business Services, we work closely with entities to develop fresh and innovative approaches that go above and beyond their expectations, while tackling any unique challenges they may face. Our team is passionate about driving innovation and always looks to push the boundaries further. With our unparalleled technical expertise and exceptional skills, we are adept at delivering top-notch solutions that add outstanding value to AXA entities.


  • Our team at AXA Global Business Services is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and driving performance to help AXA entities achieve their business goals. Our work, in every aspect, is focused on securing the ultimate success of AXA entities. Our main goal is to streamline daily operations and improve efficiency, which we know leads to greater success in the long run.

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