About AXA Global Business Services

AXA Group is a leading player in insurance and asset management, with a core focus on protecting individuals and companies. They provide property and casualty insurance, health coverage, life and savings products, and asset management services to enable their clients to thrive. AXA Group is committed to understanding and preventing risks. For the past 38 years, AXA Group has been steadfast in positioning itself as a reliable partner that encourages individuals and societies to confidently move forward.


AXA Global Business Services (AXA GBS) is a subsidiary of AXA Group. We embody the essence of a diverse, global team, uniting talents from around the world to create a seamless, supportive network for all AXA entities. Our story is one of collaboration and growth, deeply rooted in our mission and vision, guiding every step we take. In the heart of AXA, our role is multi-layered. From insurance operations to corporate functions, we leverage data, technology, and diverse capabilities to enhance our partners' performance in a streamlined, efficient manner. Our Centres of Excellence offer advanced services, shaping tailor-made solutions for our Partners in the tech, security, data, insurance operations, and corporate function operations domain. At AXA GBS, we are not just preparing for the future – we are actively creating it.




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Our Service Landscape

At AXA Global Business Services, our services landscape encompasses four principal verticals: Insurance Operations, Finance Operations, Technology & Data, and Support. These verticals serve a diverse array of business lines that include property & casualty, health, life & savings, banking & holdings, and asset management. With our Centers of Excellence at the forefront of each of these verticals, we are well-positioned to deliver specialized services and bespoke solutions that cater to the unique needs of each of our partners. Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and collaboration ensures that we are able to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace and deliver exceptional value to our partners across all business lines.


Our Recognitions


CSR Project of the Year and Best CSR Impact
(CSR Summit and Awards 2023)
One of the best organizations for women in 2023
(Economic Times)
Environmental Responsibility Initiatives Of The Year - Plant More Trees
(Indian Social Impact Awards 2023)
Among Top 20 Sustainability Champions
(2nd ESG Awards and Summit)

Corporate Responsibility

In keeping with our strategic objectives, we collaborate with NGOs to participate in climate change prevention and adaptation, placing a premium on conserving biodiversity. In addition, our philanthropic associations for inclusive protection are aimed at safeguarding vulnerable communities, underpinned by promoting health and disease prevention and empowering social inclusion.

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are deeply embedded in our organizational values and culture and underscore our commitment to demonstrating respect to our employees, partners, and the wider community. Collaboratively, we endeavour towards building a culture in which all individuals feel embraced, valued, and empowered to flourish.

Global Updates


Our employees are at the heart of our business. They have a strong sense of purpose and are motivated to take on challenges, break boundaries, and exceed expectations. Together, we work with passion and determination to be prepared for the future.

We embrace risks and embrace new opportunities. Our people have a chance to face challenges and create innovative solutions that impact millions of lives worldwide.